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More than 52% of the 3.5 million Americans who are affected by autism spectrum disorder typically begin a life of isolation after high school, when publicly sponsored programs usually end. Especially for those who lack the financial means to do otherwise, many of these young adults face the daunting prospect of a lifetime of loneliness. As the fastest growing developmental disorder in existence, autism needs a lifelong community support system for a lifelong diagnosis.

ReClif Community strives to live the motto of its founder by:

“changing the conversation surrounding autism.” 

Giving a voice to those in need and speaking up for those who cannot.

What does Changing the Conversation Mean and How Can You Help?

ReClif Community seeks to give people with autism and those who care for them the opportunity to have more typical life experiences. With cognitively focused activities, social outreach, scholarship, and societal inclusion, it is our mission to empower its beneficiaries.

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Reclif - Family Theater

We strive to organize sensory friendly outings and events to encourage autistics to participate in otherwise overwhelming environments.

Reclif Community

We collaborate with the larger community to create lectures, learning opportunities, and educational talks that help people understand ASD and its challenges.

ReClif Physical Fitness

We offer financial help for those in need to provide one on one autism centric physical fitness programs that focus on purposeful movement, fine & gross motor control, brain/body connection, communication, and combating obesity.

ReClif Forum

Our goal is to create action oriented understanding and inclusiveness by setting up forums where those with autism can interact with community leaders, educational institutions, and businesses in and honest and meaningful way.

ReClif Community Mission

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ReClif Community aims to increase autistic representation and advocacy.

By giving those in need a voice and advocating for those who cannot, ReClif Community works to live up to the founding member’s motto by “changing the conversation surrounding autism.”

Young adult with autism

Young adults with autism are often disconnected from social, educational, and work opportunities.

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We organize activities, outings, and community engagement to provide autistic people a chance to interact with people in real-world settings.

For a child on the spectrum, families spend an average of $60,000 annually over standard healthcare costs; these costs persist throughout adulthood.

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ReClif Community offers free events, social opportunities, and scholarships to relieve some of the financial burden for ASD individuals without waiver assistance.

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Autism does not discriminate and has been reported in all racial, ethnic, & socioeconomic groups.

Austism Does not Discriminate
Austism Does not Discriminate
Austism Does not Discriminate
Austism Does not Discriminate
Autism is a lifelong disorder requiring a lifetime of support.

April 25th:

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Barrow County School System’s 14th Annual Yes I Can! Awards at Chateau Elan Resort. Reece Blankenship is the Keynote Speaker. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners that night! #BestThingBarrowDoes

April 27th:

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ReClif Community Night at Truist Park. We had a great turnout to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. Thank you, Matt and Nicole Olson and the Braves Foundation for making the Matt Pack possible for so many families.

In the 1970’s about 4-5 out of 10,000 children were identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This number has increased drastically to about 1 in every 44 children in 2022.

This is a staggering escalation.

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Matt Pack

The Atlanta Braves are honored to collaborate with Matt & Nicole Olson and ReClif Community in their endeavor to give people with autism and those who support them an opportunity for more typical life experiences.

For every Braves home game, a family affected by autism receives a special invitation to enjoy a free, sensory-friendly experience at Truist Park. Thanks to the generous donation from Matt Olson to the Atlanta Braves Foundation, these designated seats are known as the “Matt Pack.” Along with these accessible seats comes a gift pack and convenient access to a quiet area nearby.

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